Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Memory of Herbert Elmer Jordan.......

Ode to Herbert E. Jordan aka OPA

I could not get to sleep last night because you were on my mind.
You were always the brilliant one yet so loving and so kind.
It's hard to think that you are in heaven now and we can't see face to face.
You will always be known as a sweet husband, father, grandfather, son, and brother that we all loved and adored.
But the courts on high needed you more and they called you home.
God gave us a promise that we must believe, and if we only listen, it will help us when we grieve.
Our dear Lord loved us all so much He gave us the the knowledge that most people lack.
For God gave us his beloved son, so that we can all one day live together forever.
Families are Forever, need I say anymore?
He comforted me last night because I was crying,
For the one I missed and loved so dear,
He promised us he would comfort us and help calm our fears.
So think about this promise when you're feeling sad and blue.
Someday we will all meet again, we are told Families are Forever
"It's wonderful, isn't it?" And it's really so very true!!

We Miss you Opa, I love you!!
Merry Christmas

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Josh and Alaina said...

Thank you Jade. I've been thinking of him and missing him also. Love you.