Friday, April 2, 2010

Time gone by......

So much has happened since June that I have failed to blog about due to the fact I have not taken the time to sit down, slow down or really I guess didn't even think about sharing what was going on in my world.

Shawn and Jade

As most of you know, in a week I will be Mrs. Mayer!!! I am so excited to start my life with Shawn and can't wait to see what kind of journey lies ahead for us. It seems like just yesterday I met Shawn and before long we were inseperatable. We have so much in common that sometimes we say the exact same thing at the exact same time and then we just look at each other and laugh. I used to think that I would never find that person who would just "Get Me" or understand me and all that I have been through, but well I have found that man and so much more. I love Shawn more than I ever thought was possible to love someone. I love the way he looks at me and the way that without words he can make me feel like nothing in this world matters but me. Don't get me wrong we have our rough spots that is for sure but at the end of the day who doesn't?? Yeah that's what I thought we all have those times. I have learned that we have these times to pull us together and make us stronger as a couple......what is life or relationships without trials.....easy and life is not made to be easy! So here are some of our recent family/engagement pictures that I should have shared forever ago!!

Family Picture

Brooklyn, Jonny and Myself

Shawn and Me again

Well I just felt like sharing some of what has been going on in my world which is so crazy these days with wedding plans and everything else! I will be back blogging after the everything settles from the wedding! Take care

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